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Going to a Party Greenaway Janice Doll
by Veronika O'Brien
New Jersey, USA
by Jami Purple
Texas, USA
by Rita
Washington, USA
by Belinda Robatrds
Indiana, USA
Doll - Close up Georgie Porgie Baby William Trinity Trekker - Close Up
by Barbara Sears California, USA by Nessy Sousa
Alberta, Canada
by Hazel Spencer
California, USA
Eve - close up Adam - close up Lots of Dolls Flo
by Patricia Stanley Florida, USA by Wendy Sternberg
Oregon, USA
by Tami Georgia, USA
Shaun Lucy Doll
by Vikki
New York, USA
by Nancy Witko
California, USA
by Anna Zummo
New York, USA

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Design Your Own Doll
by Judi Ward Class Instructor

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 Some More Comments From Class Evaluations:

"A class packed with a wealth of doll designing knowledge."

"I loved the classes..."

I am very visual and always take notes in my classes and need diagrams to understand how to make things. These classes are great

It is great to take a class at home and not be under any pressure for a time limit to get the work done and to feel that the other people in the class are ahead of you for that project.

Keep up your great work!

This was my first experience at the Internet classes, and was a very positive one.

Judi was a marvellous teacher. She explained things very clearly and made me feel like I could do all of the assignments. I look forward to taking her other classes.

Judy is clear and gives you more than your money's worth. I can't wait to take another of her classes. She really goes above and beyond my greatest expectations.

This was my first online class and it has been a wonderful experience that leaves me wanting to take more!! Judy is the BEST!!!!!!!!

This was a lot of fun and tons of great knowledge too.

Design Your Own Doll class was fantastic and I don't want to see it end! Very inspiring instructor.

I found Judi's class to be perfect as the last I took.

Great Class , so much information for the beginner and advanced doll maker I was so impressed that I have signed up for 2 more Classes.

Another great course! I had so much fun! Can't wait for the advanced course. I am so proud of my doll!

Judi Ward is a very talented lady!

I wanted to get step by step instruction, and that's just what I received.

I'm looking forward to start designing my own in the very near future. Judi is such an inspiration,

The lessons are very well done, very descriptive so when you read the chapters you can follow everything to the last details. My home language is Spanish but I understood everything without trouble.

Judi's class was just great and at the present time I can't think of anything that could possibly be improved upon. I will definitely be taking more classes.

I feel fantastic because I could learn from home and improve my knowledge trough the Internet and I have learn a lot so for me it is fantastic the methods you have because I don't have to travel to get the information. So thanks a lot to you to give us the opportunity to learn so easy.

We are so fortunate to have Judi Ward willing to share her knowledge of doll-making with us. I am now on my third class of hers and plan on taking the two remaining (faces and hair) as soon as I'm able. She is a joy and a treasure.

A class packed with a wealth of doll designing knowledge.

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