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Advanced Design Your Own Doll
by Judi Ward

This class takes students to the more advanced areas of doll design.

New Release!   Classic Classes!

"Advanced Design" - Click HERE!

Original Class Now Available for Download

Over 50% off
Original Class Price!

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Rheba Kramer Mitchell

My original designs!

This is Boup, a honey fairy or elf.
His job is to skim the impurities from the honey.

Honey Fairies are not supposed to
taste the honey. I don't think Boup
follows the rules. Construction details and Boup's  story can be seen at

Ms. Carlotta Cook in her fancy underwear and lace up boots.

Showing her beautiful head of hair.

Carlotta ready for work in the kitchen.
Her face is painted on the computer
and printed to silk, steamed to set the color
And then made into a mask.

Carlotta’s construction details & story can currently be seen at

and later will be moved to the Lair Archives

by Shashi Nayagam in UK
by Shashi Nayagam in UK

Her name is Sarsh.

She is 19" tall and has a beaded necklace and choker also embroidery design on her blouse. Painted leather boots.

by Alice Welder of Bismarck, MO
by Caroline Palmer

Ele's Mermaid
by Eleonora Broekman
Qld, Australia
Sister Opinionata Libby
by Orice Klaas Oregon, USA

Jane - Revisited Jane got married Harley Quinn Dolls of Felt
by Barb South Carolina, USA
"Jane is quite a bit different from my original in the Design 1 class. The transformation, to me, is a miracle."
by Hilarie Berzins
Dollmakers Circle, UK
by Boo Michigan, USA
Wiffenuss Diva Gert the Garden Doll Tejas Gnomes
by Blue Mexico by Sandy Bruggink
Pennsylvania, USA
by Carole Jean
Texas, USA
Tilly Rosie the Clown Dolls Face Close Up
by Lou Carter
Tennessee, USA
(from pattern)
by Rosie Chapman
Michigan, USA
by Charlotte Washington, USA
(Click here to see the picture of the real people)
Adelle - Close Up The Quilter Mermaid Flapper Bride
by Judith Crichton Ontario, Canada by Wanda Daily Oregon, USA by Gabriella Tennessee, USA
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 Some Comments From Class Evaluations: Where is Your Doll's Picture?
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"Judi Ward is a great teacher. I've been making dolls for many years, but some times she comes up with the most simple helpful item that I just wouldn't have thought of on my own. The class is worth the money for that alone."

"This class was exceptional. Judi's process of getting her points across on the Internet makes you feel like she is sitting right on your shoulder while sitting at the sewing machine."

"As, always, Judi presented comprehensive instructions with many diagrams to clarify any questions."

"The class was very informative. The help with follow ups and questions were even better, this class had it all for all."

"This class was terrific. I enjoyed it very much and feel I got a great value for the price. Judi's teaching style stimulates creativity."

"Judi is really a very talented teacher as well as designer. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to take a class from someone like her"

"Again another excellent course by Judi and Crafty College. A job well done."

"I love what you have done with crafty college. I have already registered for another class and will be registering for more in the future. your doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work."

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New Release!   Classic Classes!

"Advanced Design" - Click HERE!

Original Class Now Available for Download

Over 50% off
Original Class Price!

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Advanced Design Your Own Doll
by Judi Ward Class Instructor

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