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Beginning Face Painting
by Judi Ward

Learn a simple way to paint faces on your dolls,
using acrylic paints and simple step-by-step methods.

This class was run for over 4 years
and has now been retired.
Check out what students have said about the class on their evaluation forms.
(Comments listed near bottom of the page.)

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~*~*~ New! ~*~*~

This is a picture of my practice face for the Face Painting Class.

by Diane Smith

Joe the Clown Wendy from the '50's
by Maurine Adrezin Pennsylvania, USA

Luna Doll Eyes!
by Gabriella Tennessee, USA by Anna Zummo New York, USA
 Some Comments From Class Evaluations: Where is Your Doll's Picture?

"l was browsing thru the net at dolls faces, without being to vain, my faces are as good if not better than the artists selling patterns."

"Judi Ward is information, information, information!"

"This class was simply marvelous. I learned more than I ever expected to learn and created a beautiful face besides.."

"This is unquestionably the most valuable class I've taken so far!."

"Really enjoyed it , I described it to a friend as a talking book with attitude that you can ask questions. The format works very well and there was far more information than I expected on the course. Great value for money."

"Judi Ward's class on line is one of the best and most informative that I have ever taken. I learned more from this class with all the details and diagrams that she gave to us than I did when I took a doll class and the teacher was in the room with me showing us what to do. Thanks Judi for a wonderful class. Also had no problems with printing, etc anything. rated everything excellent."

"Judi, this is the 3rd class I have taken with you and each one has been so worthwhile. Thank you for sharing all of your professional skills with the rest of us. My hat is off to you."

"Thank you, for the complete and comprehensive class"

"Judi is an excellent teacher & very caring."

"I've just become interested in making cloth dolls so I took the class to see if I could paint the faces, particularly the eyes. The instruction was just what I needed and I'm off and running!"

"I don't know how the classes could be improved unless the instructor was here with me..

Judi Ward is an excellent teacher. Her instructions are very clear leaving no doubt how something is to be done. I will be taking other classes.

Again, another excellent class taught by Judi. I'm seeing a big difference in the dolls I am creating now as opposed to the dolls I have done in the past.

I felt Judi gave a very comprehensive class in a difficult media with good instructions and advice. Great class. Wonderful directions. Beautiful diagrams.

I took 3 classes so far and liked all of them, after I finished the class, I can take me time and work on each project to really get it right. Like you would say Judi, practice is the keyword to success. Great Class by always!

Excellent class and well done...I cannot believe how much I am learning Enjoyed learning so many new things and techniques to make face painting easier for me.

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Face Painting
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Beginning Face Painting
by Judi Ward Class Instructor

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