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Pattern Design ~ Costume
Level 2

by Cheryl Leone

This is a continuation from the Pattern Design level 1 class. This class teaches the concepts of manipulating a sloper into period costumes.

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Costume 1 Jacket - Costume 1 Costume 2 Costume 2 - Back
by Deb Combs Ohio, USA
Costume 1 Costume 2 Costume 3
by Diane Kolodziejski California, USA
Costume 1 Costume 2 Costume 3 Costume 4
by Cynthia McKee Oregon, USA
Costume Victor (puppet) Grania
by Barb Root South Carolina, USA by Marianne Tucker Pennsylvania, USA
 Some Comments
From Class Evaluations:
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"Another excellent class. See you soon"

"This class was VERY VERY GOOD, It will help in a lot of things that I do. Hurry and do another one Cheryl....."

"Thank you again for a great class."

"This class is invaluable. Clothing is my weakest area in doll making - and Cheryl has given excellent lessons on how to go about making anything I want for costumes."

"This class was well done and not only applicable to dolls. One can take this information and apply it to adult or children's clothing design. For my dolls and myself I consider this one of the best classes I have ever taken."

"Cheryl did a great job of explanation and the diagrams were great and helped a lot."

"I loved this class! Stopped everything else I was doing in order to devote total commitment to it, and the concept paid off handsomely (projection here). I love the way the teacher handled the class too!"

"Cheryl gave over and above the teachers role."

"Excellent manual, valuable pattern making reference."

"It is a wonderful thought that I really don`t have to buy another doll clothes pattern again, cause now I can draft my own. Great class,really did enjoy it."

"The class was presented in a well organized manner and I particularly appreciated the diagrams."

"Cheryl did a wonderful job and is an excellent teacher."

"This was my first class with Cheryl as the instructor. I was impressed by the endless supply of directions and illustrations. Excellent!!! Most impressive."

"Very thorough presentation"

"Loved every minute of it. Thank you again."
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Pattern Design - Level 2
by Cheryl Leone Class Instructor

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