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Yvette © 1999 Gail Kellison
Cloth Dollmaking Class by Gail Kellison
Gail's Stitch N' Splinter Patterns

You can call this beautiful 19" doll
a lady of the night, a diva, or a party girl.

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updated 4/22/01 - Yvette

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by Cathy Judd
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by Doressa Carlton
Ohio, USA
by Donna Forseth Oregon, USA by Sandra Miller Indiana, USA
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by Kerry Summers Iowa, USA by Susan Welter Kansas, USA
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 Some Comments From Class Evaluations: Where is Your Doll's Picture?
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"This was my first class on dolls. I did enjoy the online class and the instructions were great. The female body shape was a challenge and I enjoyed making the wig."

"This was my first time on line. I enjoyed the class very much."

"This class was great fun and had good directions. I would take another class with Gail."

"Many things I have always wondered how to do were explained. There were also many ideas I can use on other doll projects. I am looking forward to taking more classes. I loved the fingernail treatment and the shoes were wonderful-- and easy to do. This is the first online class I've taken but it will not be the last. Thank You"

"This was my first time taking a class on line and I loved it, as I take care of 2 little girls and can't take a outside class... ."

"Class was very well written. Clear instructions. Instructor was available for instruction questions and motivation"

"This was my very first Internet class & it was easier than I expected. I loved the doll class (Yvette). I still can't believe she turned out so well. And I can't wait to show her off.."

"Taking this class with Gail was the next best thing to having her in the same room..I have learned alot of new ways and improved alot of my old ways..the hints given on the blackboard are really helpful too..Living in a rural area being able to take classes this way is the greatest..looking forward to my next chance to take a class.."

"Class was definitely a great value. I like the pictures showing the steps. I know that every time I take a class - it will be presented in an excellent manner."

"Excellent class..directions were extremely detailed and pictures were an added bonus. Very clear instructions!"

"The pictures and details of this class were great!! Very well done!!"

"Unimproveable, new word meaning I think you got it perfect."

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by Gail Kellison Class Instructor

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"This was an EXCELLENT class! I would definitely take another one by Gail! Her directions were explicit, leaving nothing to question."

"thanks for including the pattern with the class, and not as a separate mail-in at a separate fee. Classes SHOULD be all-inclusive.."

"This class was great! Gail was an excellent teacher giving wonderful instructions and the necessary pictures. She was so friendly and helpful on the Blackboard. I look forward to taking another class from her. I also enjoyed the whole process with Crafty College and have already signed up for a class with another instructor. Thanks!."

"I loved being a part of this class. It covered all the aspects of soft doll sculpture that I wanted to learn about."

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