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Little Bleuette in Cloth!
10 ¾" to 11"

Online Cloth Doll Class
by Judi Ward
© June, 2005

Check out the Dolls
made by graduates of Judi's class.

(Also find student comments on the
class listed near bottom of the page.)

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Bleuette in Cloth
by Judi Ward
Class Instructor

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~*~*~ New! ~*~*~

Bleuette in Cloth

by Gale Lyons
Florida, USA

This is a portrait of the three dolls that I made using Judi's clever pattern and wonderful instructions...and great follow-up hints. I just love a figure-it-out doll challenge, and this qualified. Doll number three is very posable and lots of fun to dress and place in a variety of positions. Well conceived, well drafted, well conveyed to others. Thank you, Judi, for a fun month of Bleuette creations.

-Gale Lyons

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Bleuette in Cloth
by Gale Lyons
Florida, USA

Gale's first doll from Judi's pattern using the easy legs
and arms option while she waited for the ball jointing supplies.

Bleuette in Cloth
Bleuette in Cloth
by Elsa Antonia

Bleuette in Cloth
by Judith Ann Jaques
Check Out Judith's Winning Doll in the..
"Bleuette and Friends, Home for the Holidays"
Cloth Doll Challenge
Bleuette in Cloth
by Joann S. Kieffer
Virginia, USA

The doll on the left is my first doll. she is holding a rabbit I got for her at Michael's. The standing doll on the right is my second doll. Her face is gessoed. She also has a nose (a slight change in the face pattern).

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Bleuette in Cloth

by Betty Ballentine
Oregon, USA

Bleuette in Cloth

by Maria

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Bleuette in Cloth

by Carolyn Englert
Ohio, USA

Bleuette in Cloth
by Laurie Brady

A picture of my Bleuette doll (a Golliwog). Judi's class was fantastic. I look forward to the mini - moulded face class later this summer.

Thanks, Laurie Brady

Bleuette in Cloth

by Ellen Haytas
Ohio, USA

My little darling in her yellow dress (Right). These are the tiny yellow satin shoes I had to make.

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Bleuette in Cloth
EZ Bleu in her chair with a friend!
by Joyce Weaver
Texas, USA

I actually used Judi's jointing technique on the mini bear & it's great! I made doll, bear & chair for a local quilt competition in September & put a piece of velcro on her rear and the seat of the chair to hold her on!


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Bleuette in Cloth
School Girl
by Hank
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Bleuette in Cloth
Bleuette in Cloth
by Patti-Ann Stanley


Want to See More Bleuette Dolls??

More pictures of Bleuette's made by students can be found in the classes online Picture Gallery. Some of the pictures are works in progress as well as examples by the instructor and other students.

Click HERE to check out the pictures!


  Comments From Many Happy Students on Class Evaluation Forms!

"This was my first on line class and my first doll in about 20 years.  The technical support and doll instructions were amazing!  I wouldn't know what to suggest as improvements.  Great job done!" Laurie

LOVED the video.  Been making Judi's dolls for 12 years that really helped a lot!

The Videos were excellent.  Very informative, clear." Arlene

"Great (Videos) - I learned Judi's jointing technique from the video & referred back to it a couple of times." Joyce

" I have been extremely interested in the jointing of cloth dolls.  For several years I have tried to find a pattern for ball jointed cloth dolls so I was overjoyed when I saw Ball Jointed Bleuette was available.  I have been collecting Judi's doll patterns since 1979 and I think she is an exceptionally good artist.  Thank you very much. " Dawn

" I liked very much the full sized patterns. The PDF format is very accurate for me."

" I was impressed with the quality of the videos.  They were extremely helpful to me.  I never did quite understand that hip joint-lacing procedure before." Gale

" Your technical support is superb.  It really makes a noticeable difference for an online class like this." Gale

" Judi is GOOD"

" I loved the class and really liked the fast track feature." Darlene

" Excellent Video "

" Yes (Liked Video's), although I've taken 3 classes from Judi, being able to actually SEE the invisible jointing was fantastic and helped me ALOT! " Betty

" I've taken classes from other sites. Yours is one of the best and easiest to access, prices are wonderful and support is excellent.  Take a bow, Paul & Judi!!!!! " Betty

"You can't make them (the classes) any better and anyone that thinks different is not a doll maker "

" Thank you Judi.  Your classes are the best and I have learned so much from through these classes I've taken from you, these past few years I have the Bleuette mold and the cloth one is going up right beside her. Thanks so much, Judi" Jan

" Good idea (Videos), nice and short. add more! " Laurie

" The videos were good and helped in understanding instructions." Betty

" Excellent addition (Videos) to class especially for limb attachment to the body section. "

" I found the offer of 3 formats (For Printing Full Sized Patterns) most generous and so I tried one page of each to see which printed the closest to true on my printer. this was wonderful. thank you." Ellen

" I thought the video was very good especially since many people are 'visual learners'. That was excellent."Ellen

"Judi's classes are all so great.  I love the way she goes into the details.  I learned a lot.  Thank you! "

" I am on Web TV (MSN TV) and had no problems with this class. So exciting, loved it. "

" I check the classroom blackboard almost every day I think it is really neat how many responses are added. Love the way Paul and Judy keep up with the board. " Dolly

"Good addition (Videos) to the class/I am a visual person" Barbara

"Really enjoyed the class and the new technique in making the doll.  Thanks, Judi".   Marian

"Just want to say that all of the classes I have taken here are great. "

"My first cloth doll class. An excellent experience. I will use this pattern and instructions again!"

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Bleuette in Cloth
by Judi Ward
Class Instructor


Click HERE for more information
on the Bleuette in Cloth Class and to register today!