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by Patti-Ann Stanley

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Singing the Blues

by Patti-Ann Stanley
Class Instructor

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by Kathleen Holloway
Washington, USA

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by Vicki Osowiecki

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by Kathleen Holloway
Washington, USA

She is ready for the parade on the 4th of July!

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by Connie McNabb

Connie's Doll Won First Place in the Florida State Fair!

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by Cheryl DeBono

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by Margie Phelps

 Some Comments From Class Evaluations:

"Patti-Ann is such a good teacher. She has the ability to provide clear,written explanations. Also, She responds quickly to questions."

"The classes just keep getting better and better."

"As always good value received for the money. Great way to improve my skills. I can't believe the way my work has changed thanks to classes with Crafty College"

"Very good to have full size patterns."

"This class was easy to access and very well presented. I will be taking other classes from Crafty College."

"Enjoyed reading the commentaries from some of the classmates. Felt like I was in a real classroom at times. As always Patti-Ann did an excellent job of presenting a fun doll. I hope she does more. I like the fact that she takes time to explain how something is suppose to be done and when you go back to the lesson its an "aha" moment."

"I had no problems whatsoever. I've never had a problem with any of the classes I've taken here. I tell everyone to take classes here and how great everything is. I owe so much to this college being available. I wouldn't know anything about dolls without the education you have provided." 

"The classes was great and the teacher superb......"

"I just love the classes, please add new ones."

"Patti Ann was a very good teacher. Excellent lessons with very precise directions. She was quick to answer any questions or help needed. The class was very well done and lessons were up quickly. This was a very enjoyable experience."

"I love the PDF option since it prints up in book form and easy to print and put in a notebook for future reference."

"Patti-Anne gives an excellent class. Crafty College is the finest in giving and presenting class formats, etc."

This was my first class and my first attempt at sculpting. It was quite interesting and informative. Patti-Ann has a lot of patience and she has helped me a lot. I still have a lot to learn about cloth dolls and I definitely will be taking another Patti-Ann class."

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