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Angelique ( little sister)
and Maria (big sis)
Susannah and Jennifer Maria Island Girl Angelique
by Patty Davidson South Carolina, USA by Lori Edwards Georgia, USA
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Angelique Maria Falina (Angelique) Lucy (Maria)
by Sharon Forsmann Washington, USA by Reenie Hanlin Pennsylvania, USA
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Angelique Maria Susannah Susannah
by Donna Hardey Washington, USA by Norma Hogan
Texas, USA
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Angelique (first doll!) Maria Indian Girl (Maria) Angelique
by Joy Hild Maryland, USA
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Susannah Jennifer New~~Maria New~~Susannah
by Sharon Johnson
Washington, USA
by Orice Klaas Oregon, USA

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Some more Comments From Class Evaluations:

Thanks again for another fantastic class.

I found this class to be just perfect for my needs. I learned valuable tips and my dolls turned out very nice. I am now indeed a better dollmaker myself.

Any thing that Judi teaches I will take. Absolutely an excellent teacher. After taken many classes on line and in person I truly think she is the best. Her detail, and pictures, how can you miss. She obviously has had a lot of experience and not afraid to share.

This was my first time taking an on-line class. I really enjoyed it. I am a slow worker and I didn't feel pressured.

I think this is a wonderful idea! I loved the class Judi taught and think I will take other classes in the future.

Judi seemed to anticipate nearly every question I thought about asking. Any question I did still have she answered quickly through the Blackboard.

I was impressed with the amount of information and details in the chapters.

This is my second class at the college and I am very satisfied, I never thought that cloth dollmaking would be so much fun.

I had never made a cloth doll before and am very happy with the results.

This is the most comprehensive course I've ever taken, and I have taken many college courses and have several degrees.

Judi's class was fantastic! She is so well organized that everything just fell into place. . I will take all of her Craft College classes as I get time.

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